Twodee Spa tub-ZR7011


Aristech Acrylic tub with figerblass reinforcement
29 pcs-2-tone Stainless Steel Jets
2 speed pump,
50sf cartridge filter
3 pcs-headrest pillow
Ozone generator&mixture system
1 Set Davey control system (sp601)
Strong and thick Rotproof wood frame
API cabinet /Skirting panel
1cm thick PU foam shell insulation
spa cover
PE bottom tray

The Strongest Spa Shell In the World

Durability is paramount when it comes to your home investments. That's why Twodee Spas hot tub untilize the exclusive Fiber.

Reinforced Framework

Each Twodee Spas hot tub is bulit on a structure of pressure treated wood that resists corrossion, decay and insect damage.

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