Twodee-World Class Spas

Twodee-World Class Spas

Paradise series

The Paradise series spas is the ultimate fusion of an entertainment center with the hydrotherapy of a hot tub. Rediscover your favorite programs and movies in 17-inches of LCD high –definition or your personal mix on DVD stereo equipment –while up to 110 jets take you away to paradise. These spas are out of this world!


Caribbean series

Caribbean series spas represent the very best the hot tub industry has to offer. Experience unmatched rest and relaxation with neck jets, dome jets, waterfalls and state-of-the-art entertainment options. The stunning look of exclusive Blue Label Designs cabinets will make the heart of your Home Resort as unique as you are.

Fitness series

Want to feel healthier, boost your energy and improve your quality of life? Experts agree that regular exercise is beneficial for your mind and your body. Frequent exercise offers many health benefits including improving your cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of many health problems and increasing muscular strength and balance. However, many people find it hard to fit a visit to the gym into their busy day. With a Blue Label spas Fitness spa, you can have the convenience of a complete aquatic gym in your very own backyard or garden and can start a fun and effective exercise routine that you will look forward to every day.

Fitness spas are available in many sizes—from a compact 15’ aquatic fitness center that is the same size as most standard hot tubs to a generous 17’ Fitness spa with independent swim and relaxation zones. Bring a Blue Label spas Fitness spa into your home today and put your health and wellness first!

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